Mule Deer Hunts

Here is an example of some of the biggest bucks that Non-Typical Outfitters has taken since 2001. To see some more pictures from each individual year just click on the year on the side bar on the right.

Western Wyoming is home to one of the top mule deer herds in the country. We have a high buck to doe ratio, outstanding genetics and the age class necessary for trophy quality deer. This herd has produced many well known bucks such as Popeye, Morty and Goliath and now Magnum. Their genetics can still be seen in the herd today. The draw system has kept the hunting pressure low and allowed the bucks in this area to achieve their genetic potential. The quality of the winter range is also a great benefit to our deer herds, giving them the feed necessary to survive our harsh winters. All of these factors work together to make this one of the best areas to hunt for trophy quality mule deer in the United States and North America.

Rifle mule deer hunts start September 15 and run through mid October. Our method of hunting is almost exclusively spot and stalk. We will spend most of our day glassing and locating bucks in the spotting scope. Our time and efforts are focused on areas where we know monster mulies live. We will have spent a minimum of 30-40 days scouting preseason before you arrive for your hunt.

Our hunts take place in the high country of western Wyoming from 7,000 to 10,000 feet. Horses give us transport to the high country. From that point we do most of our hunting on foot. Hiking is a must. The terrain in which we hunt mule deer is physically challenging to all degrees of hunters. We feel it offers a good opportunity to each and every one of our clients to bag that trophy mule deer of a lifetime. Much of our success depends on our hunters. The more prepared you are for your hunt, the better your chances of success.

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